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Caffeine Girl

That sounds like an amazing weekend! Family, knitting, and major free stash acquisition.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Wow. I a, already bitter that I have to do the driving for this weekends camping trip. Eight hours of potential knitting time lost. Such a shame,

Ann Denton

Sounds like great fun! We went to St. Louis for a ballgame, shopping, and eating....drove home Sunday in a terrible thunder storm....leaving in the morning for Cape Cod...back home Sunday night...this is a travel month for us...glad you all were safe and sound and had such fun!


I'd be bummed too. Car knitting is such a no-guilt luxury time!!!

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That first photo is absolutely gold. Really sweet. I am filled with the good envy of your visit to fallingwater. so cool. The trip in itself looks like a really good time with your family.

I had a lot of car hours with minimal car knitting last week because we ended up playing cards. The knitting will come. The family time was great.


What fun! The photo of the grands is so cute. Families are the best!


What a trip!!!!!!! I can't believe my eyes over your yarn pile - amazing!! You better get to work 😉


what a fab weekend at/near my home town!! whee! I loved seeing all those kids together and I bet you had the bestest time ever. Good luck with the sock knitting two at a time, I've done it but prefer the dpn....


Car knitting is the best and I hardly ever have to drive. It looks like a wonderful weekend-very full of the best things: family and yarn! Your new yarn acquisition makes *me* hyperventilate! :)


What's more fun than someone just giving you a big pile of yarn? I've been the lucky recipient of a few of those in my time and it's the best. Also I think your daughter's got the right idea. Maybe you should see what else you can get her to do for yarn payment! Any yard work you've been dreading?

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