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Road trip - me, please!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Yarn Asylum, yes! Sounds perfect. Good luck with the Man Socks.

rusty duck

I'm going to have to try Baa-ble... SO cute!!

Jenna K

1. I'm dying to knit a Baa-ble hat!! 2. Franklin is a darling town :) I went last spring for a craft fair with a friend who lives in Brentwood...I haven't tried Merridee's, maybe next time. 3. Yarn Asylum? Sign me up. :) Sounds like a fantastic weekend...and I definitely agree that time spent with friends is far more fun than a gift exchange!


I love your Baa-ble hat. That is one I've had in my queue for a while. Time to finally get at it. Besides the knitting, I couldn't agree more about how important and enriching time spent with friends can be.


Oh, your post made me miss road trips so much!!! We haven't taken one for awhile and I love them so much. And Yarn Asylum? Hmm, I think I can call my bedroom like this :)


I love a good road trip, especially if it involves food and yarn. But then again crowds would freak me out. Always lovely happenings, Steph!


You lucky duck, you go to all the neatest places!
Love the hat, I want to knit one too, but need to
visit the yarn store, darn. ;)


Congratulations! And what fun to enjoy such a delightful outing :-)


What a fun post! Thanks for sharing your day with us:)
Oh Steph! I'm soooo in love with your hat!


Yarn Asylym is such a great name!! And the baable hat looks great, so cute!


I think baa-ble is next on my list after this force hat! Idk how you get through things so fast!

Yarn Asylum must be for crazy yarn ladies...I don't know any of those, do you?


Oh yes on the road trip...It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. When did you manage to knit those socks so fast!
Hope the rest of the is as much fun,


It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Wow. You know how to do a road trip right. I love that sheep hat. Just beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could master knitting. My husband, major fan of all things sheepy, would wear that hat every day for the rest of his life if I made it for him. :)


yay for a baable hat, I am on my second...I'm going to keep on making them until I run out of a color :) I am so glad you had fun with your friend!! Now those crowds do not sound like fun at all but craft fairs would make me feel a bit better.


That hat is sooo cute...and I think I might have colors to make one!


I am on my way to the yarn store this week for supplies to start that sweet sheep hat. Its adorable. I don't normally wear hats but I may make an exception


Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I think you and I were mentally connected as I bought some sock yarn that looks suspiciously similar!

Anyhow can we talk about this: "a couple hours later, the socks and slippers were added to the Christmas pile." Who are you Super Knitter and where did you hone these super powers? crazy pants!!

And then washable worsted? What asylum did yous say you hail from?


not all that superhuman, believe me......the pair of dorm socks was about an inch from being done, awaiting that mail-order yarn!!!  And the slippers were for a 6 yo.  :)


Now I reeeaaalllyy need to knit a baa-ble hat. So cute! I enjoyed your road trip shenanigans. Love the idea of a Dickens/Holiday fair but it must have been so bizarre for you both at the time.

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