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Your time-out shawl is lovely. I'm glad it turned out to be one of your favorites. Love that crochet edging. Happy day, k


It is gorgeous Steph and even more so in person. Had fun yesterday morning. We need to truly make this a regular event.


I love the colors of your shawl - and the shawl too of course!
We used to do progressive dinners all the time when I was in Job's Daughters - such fun!

Linda in VA


gah, I want to visit with you and sit and knit!! I LOVE that shawl! your little turkeys are adorable and I would eat an eyeless one...


It's really heartwarming to see all your fun kitchen creations Steph. And I smiled really big thinking of you blocking your shawl right in the middle of a busy kitchen.


WOwie! It looks so beautiful on you - what an amazing finished project and so very wearable. I would agree, that finished edge is so clever and adds a lovely little detail. I can just see you blocking that amidst the kitchen mess - I understand completely. We have to do what we must, when we must.


PS - I think those turkeys are very cute - you're too hard on yourself, they look great and more importantly - really yummy... !!


The shawl is so pretty. Blocking shawls and cooking in the kitchen. You make me smile, again!


What a beautiful FO, I can see why you fell in love with it all over again!


BEAUTIFUL!! love the crocheted border...have not heard of or seen it before and will be looking for an opportunity to use it! xo


I love your shawl! Wow, it's so beautiful. Those Oreo turkeys are so cute. I will have to steal that idea next year. It's too late to buy more candy corn around here, to my great dismay. :)

Ann Denton

That is gorgeous! What great work!


Progressive dinner... I've not been to one of those in eons! Glad they're still alive, and that you're helping keep them alive! Love those one-eyed turkey sweet-treats... too cute! Pretty pumpkin rollS... Love the food of this time of year! Islington is LOVELY... I like this one a lot--and especially the crochet finish-off, what a great, different touch. And I like how you stopped everything to finish it. That's a crafter. ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))


It is gorgeous! I don't blame you for getting that blocked in a hurry. The crochet edge came out lovely. I have not done one yet but I like the way it looks!

Jenna K

What a wonderful weekend!! I have several projects in time out that may need to see the light of day and open up my needles for more new projects :)


You are on a finishing roll! The shawl is beautiful, but it's the food that I'm drooling over. Can I pretty please have that recipe for the pecans?


wow I LOVE that shawl!

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