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Lovely to find your blog Steph, and to see all of your fantastic Hallowe'en decorations. The knitted pumpkin is brilliant, and I love your vintage lanterns and shakers.


oh I love your knitted pumpkin too!


Hi Steph, it's great to have you on board with the Colour Collaborative. This was fascinating and reminded me that the American Halloween tradition is so much more embedded in your culture than it was in the UK when I was a child. It all sounds so fun! Thanks for this glimpse into your second-favourite holiday.
Gillian x

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Lovely to have you join us for this month's post Steph! I'm with you, it's the pumpkin orange that does it for me at Halloween :)

S x


I am loving all things orange right now and even thought I might paint a few of my kitchen chairs in orange.
Happy Halloween.


What great decorations Steph! Orange is my big Halloween color but I have added teal to the mix. I just like how it looks together. And maybe a bit of brown....


Hi Steph! I loved this post. Your Halloween work is beautiful. I too have made a skeleton costume for a son and it was hard! I ended up making new bones, much larger, to sort of suggest the array of smaller ones. :) I'm so glad you joined us. Your blog is wonderful too. I'm following you on Bloglovin now and looking forward to reading more.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Those rattles are wonderful ... how old are they Steph? And I'm rather taken with the needlepunch pumpkin.

Thank you so much for joining us this month :)


I'm guessing the noisemakers are from the 40s or 50s....that's when the lithograph tin ones were most popular....mine do have the wooden handles and they are the earlier ones.  I bought them, though, so they are not something that has been in our family.....so not really sure!


I love orange, always have. It is also my oldest sons and third son's favourite colour. I wear it, too! I love your collectors scary pumpkins! Enjoy Halloween. x


Steph, this is so fun! Funny to think how our relationship with certain colours have such a deep and personal history attached to them! - LOVE your rug hooking, wow!

Ali Whale

I dislike orange but I love your collection. This post also reminded me that there was a time when we didn't have pumpkins locally and we used to carve something else and I think it was turnip/swede.
I just remember it being an absolute nightmare and very easy to go completely wrong or cut yourself, as a spoon was useless. That's maybe why I don't bother with pumpkins, horrible memories of hollowing out a swede...!!


VERY, VERY fun, Steph... so many wonderful accepts for celebrating October and Halloween. Wishing you & yours a VERY SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN! ((HUGS))


like you I was never a fan of orange and I think I despised the color. And now, I cannot get enough of it in my knitting, my sweaters, my fall decorations. How lovely that you were invited to do color collaborative :)

Amy at love made my home

you have certainly changed your mind about orange over the years. Your rug is amazing. xx


I love orange too! Your Halloween crafts are so fun! Happy Fall!

Taciana Simmons

Love the rug and yes ... October...Halloween... Orange...everywhere. Love your post and your blog. I will come back for more. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I'm now one of your followers. :)

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