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Pretty, pretty crocheting, I wish you could teach me.
Take care of your hands.

I've never heard or seen Selvedge before, but think I would love it too.


Whatcha makin'? I used to only crochet, but since teaching myself to knit, it is all that I am inspired by. But every once in awhile I miss crocheting just a bit.


circles.  ???  maybe someday i'll put them together for a blanket/afghan.  :)


She CROCHETS too!! :o) LOVE these colors...*swoon*... Definitely seeing a BIG, cozy blanket with 'em... Happy Days ((HUGS))


Love the crocheted circles!!! I tried that once. Let's just say that they didn't turn out to resemble circles!!! I'll stick to the squares. And you are right....crochet is good for the health!!!


I swear every single time I show up here you have something new on the needles...whenever I knit my hitofude I think of you :)

Elisabeth Andree

What a pretty crochet stitches! Enjoy making the rounds!


You are smart to change things up. I ruined my hand spinning art yarn for a whole year straight- so much so that I couldn't knit for years.
Beautiful little rounds you made-
Have a healthy week :)

Nancy McCarroll

Will look into Selvedge...did not know about that mag!

Nice colors in Hitofud.


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love your photographs!


So beautiful - true autumn colours :-) All the best to your hands!Lena


I love the colors of your crochet. Take care of your hands. I am continuously changing crafts for just that reason. Knitting seems to cause me the most problems.


I'm loving those circles, such lovely calm colours. Good for you for taking a wee break, I'm sure your hands and arms will thank you:) Love Selvedge! Happy reading, dreaming and making :) xo


Such a fantastic idea! I love the colors you have to pick from too, looks like a fun project to pick up whenever you feel up to it.

Melissa Marie

I love the coasters they are so cute! :)

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Those would make great coasters... I love the colors you are using!

lily boot

they are such lovely colours - very soothing - I can see the steep ridge of trees that run along the ocean's edge on a misty day. I saw Selvedge recently in my local newsagent - I shall have to go back for a closer look! I bought the Hitofude pattern the same day I started my daughter's Lopi - I was at the yarn shop to buy the wool for it :-) Now you're tempting me - it's the perfect weight for our spring weather :-)


Gorgeous! You have such a great eye for colors (and an enviable stash!)


Oooh, they look great. What are you going to make with them?

Someone else mentioned Selvedge recently - I'm really intrigued now. Might have to get a copy so I can have a look... :)


Such pretty little circles, and I love the colors, too. Crocheting is not my favorite, but it is a great alternative to knitting when you're sore. It's hard to stop creating altogether!


Hi: I am new to your blog and I'm truly enjoying all your creative work. I really enjoy Selvedge magazine, it has it's own style and many wonderful ideas, love it actually : ) Your crochet circles are wonderful, can you share where to find the pattern ?? would love to give it a go : ) Thank you for all your sharing, it's inspirational : )

Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

Pretty crocheted circles, Steph! Hope your hands and wrists are feeling some relief soon! :)

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