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Looks great!! You are so, so fast!!
Happy day, k


I REALLY need to learn how to crochet, this is so beautiful.


I'm just so in awe of the speed with which you finish these projects! The blanket is BEAUTIFUL! I want to wrap myself up in it and sit and read a book.

Your last sentence about Hitofude made me laugh - that' s how I am at the moment with both the Garter Yoke Cardi and Hitofude. I just needed to get a few other things out of the way first but it's next on the list!


You've finished it - ohhhhhh myyyy goodness !!!! you are just amazing : ) love it love it LOVE IT : ) your finish changed the whole look of the circles - just beautiful Steph - thanks sooo much for your sharing : )

Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )


Such a lovely blanket!


ALREADY? My jaw is just hanging open, I swear yarn works up faster in your home than any where else in the world! ;) It's beautiful!


Beautiful blanket!!

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I love those muted circles floating in their shimmering sea of pearly grey (Canadian spelling)! And I like the checkerboard effect of the alternating grey and black rounds in your border. Well done! I'm curious: did you join the squares as you went or sew them together later? Good thing I'm far too evolved to compare my progress on my own projects to yours: you're a marvel! A great blanket to look forward to using as the days get cooler . . .


i most definitely join as I go!!!!!  (and tuck in ends as I go.....when I'm done, I really want to be DONE!)


love. love. love this, Steph!!! I think I need your instructions and I can't wait to see Hitofude finished!! =) blessings ~ tanna


Love the blanket. What a great combination of colors. Looking forward to see Hitofude.


WOW!!!!! This is beautiful and boy are you fast!!!! (And this looks NOTHING like the Hitofude I saw knit up in a local yarn shop this past weekend ;-)


gorgeous!! how did you finish that so quickly???? I swear you dream eat sleep stitching away. I love the blanket and the color you chose to unite those scrap circles.

Erin @ Wild Whispers

I love it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your color palate so appeals to me friend. Beautiful work!

rusty duck

I have to confess, up to now I've not been a great fan of crochet blankets, mainly because of the bright colours that tend to be used. But this is absolutely gorgeous. You have converted me Steph.


Wow Stephanie!
What a great blanket. I love it. Really love the gray background. And the black in the border.


This is fantastic!

Jennifer Miller

I love it! How did you hook your squares together? It looks very interesting.


No wonder you were distracted. That blanket is gorgeous. I want to cuddle with it immediately !


GOREGOUS!! I just love the soft, mellow colors... This says autumn. And I like the almost checkerboard border! These are good kinds of obsessions... ;o) Happy Week, Steph ((HUGS))


Your blanket is fantastic! Haha, I love watching how your fiber/craft energy roams. Your projects are always so lovely, but I like to see how the creative spirit takes you. It's an adventure of us who follow along too :)Also when you switch it up, it validates my own project shuffling. hehe.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Love this! Pinning it to my Pinterest Board When Granny Squares Take Over the World. Because..they should. So glad you commented on my blog so now I can follow YOU!


This is amazing (and you are amazing for making it)! So beautiful, Steph, makes me want to make one, just LOVE the colours you chose and I'm sure it will look just perfect wrapped around your Hitofude, too- in due time:) xo

Elisabeth Andree

What a wonderful blanket! Beautiful colours makes it look comfortable and chic! :)


Wow, what a beautiful distraction! The colors are perfection.

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