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I love you so much! From one hippy to another, hugs!


Wow, you blasted right through those circles! They look amazing and I can't wait to see the afghan come together. I have been tempted to knit the Shwook hat after seeing Lori's amazing version. Will have to look through the stash for some pretty colors to put together.

Jennifer Miller

If you keep putting your Hitofude on the back burner I may catch up to you by Thanksgiving! I've cast on!


ooooo  maybe another knitalong!??

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Circles, yes, great idea, your circles need your undivided attention, at least until I can try to catch up a bit on Hitofude. Got the yarn and photographed the skeins but haven't even wound it into balls yet. Perhaps while the fridge defrosts tomorrow morning . . .


What a cute idea for a woven bracelet!


I had typed this big, long comment and it disappeared!! Bah humbug! LOL! I LOVE YOUR CIRCLES!! And, your hippie bracelet!! Finished my Hitofude last night... think I started before I knew you and Karen were doing it (yes, great minds... or crazy minds). Going to try to get this posted before it disappears too! big hugs and blessings ~ t.


It all looks lovely. What is the yarn you're using for the Shwook hat? It looks enticing whatever it is.


the shwook yarn is some palette from knitpicks (an old kit that never got finished...oops)


You have so much fun things going on! I love your little circles. They will make a great throw. And your Hitofude is looking gorgeous. You guys are both going to totally kick my butt on finishing this project. Ohhhh well.

Avelina Soria



I love how your hitofude is looking and draping, I hope mine does the same when I get to where you are on the pattern. I was just thinking of a fairisle hat....but I have more of a laceweight light fingering in mind....need to rethink that one!


We got an excess of fall weather here, 11°C during the day, and supposedly 3°C tonight. But the knitting and quilting are definitely happening! And tomorrow, there will finally be the planting of the back yard!


Love all your projects....the cardigan is going to be lovely!!


those circles are lovely! as are your other creations! well done!


I'm happy that you're taking your time with Hitofude because it will give me time to catch up - I plan to cast on this weekend so I'm way way behind!!

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