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Love the circles and am very envious of your bag, I've been eyeing them.
Have a great weekend.

Marilyn Ann Denton

What will you do with these?


Hahaha, you've been busy! It's slightly addictive, this crochet business, isn't it? This was how our living room looked before I started assembling all the squares...

They look lovely, btw, really love the muted earthy colours you are using!

Miss Manitas



oh, Iris, you are so right!  just one more....well, maybe ONE more!  


Wow! You have been working hard on this project, so many circles!




are you echoing "water, water, everywhere?".....just wondering you literary whiz. Love the circles love the bag!!


Lovely, you circle making mad woman.


Hi: I am new to your blog and I'm truly enjoying all your creative work. I really enjoy Selvedge magazine, it has it's own style and many wonderful ideas, love it actually : ) Your crochet circles are wonderful and beautiful, can you share where to find the pattern ?? would love to give it a go : ) Thank you for all your sharing its inspirational : )

Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )
(PS: I just left this same comment on your 9/2/14 post, didn't realize this post is your latest - oooops)


OOOooo...so many HAPPY, PRETTY circles... Of course they needed a new bag, until you make them up into something. ;o) Isn't such crochet addictive?! LOVELY soft colors...*swoon*... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Jennifer Miller

Gorgeous colors for your circles. Have fun putting them all together! I'm not sure how you keep up with all of your projects!

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I have circle envy. What a beautiful, understated, sophisticated palette you've chosen for these. I started a Summer Flower Garden throw last summer, inspired by Lucy (of course) and turned my circles into squares, but they're still in their bag (not a lovely one like yours, either) a year later. Never mind: Hitofude is coming up! Got the yarn yesterday and it's wonderful. Will show it on today's post.


And don't those beauties deserve their own bag
Of course they do.
Love the colors you're using.


LOVIN' these little circles of color!!! blessings ~t.

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