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It looks great!


I had another snake too so I know exactly how you felt.
I think your yard looks so pretty. Ours was looking a little crunchy since it's July, but today there is rain!!!
I really want to see that baby blanket when you are finished. Do you think it would look okay in fingering weight with smaller needles and turn it into a scarf?
Enjoy a great Sunday.


absolutely.  this leaf pattern is very adaptable...easy to memorize....i think it would make a great scarf.


I love the therapy my flower gardens give me. Yours look AMAZING! A lot of planning went into them. Your completed shawl is beautiful. I like the colors a lot. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

kathy b

\Im going to check into BIGGO~! fireman is a great weeder too. its genetic

rusty duck

Snake? SNAKE? Real snake??
The garden does look good though.


WOW. Girl, come on over and help me with my landscaping.


actually, it was a really dead snake.  phew.  i knew i welcomed the neighborhood cat for a reason.


I think I'd be more frightened by a dead snake than a live one :s
yuck yuck. Fortunately, your blanket is much more beautiful and soft! :)
Beautiful garden by the way :)

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Dead or alive!? YUK! No snakes for me! LOL! The garden looks awesome!


Daughter #1 asked for a Gap-tastic cowl. Unbelievably, I had the needles in my collection. 9mm are huge and very awkward to knit with. On the plus side, I'll be done really soon! I tried a lace pattern with big wool once, and it was disastrous. Must be why I had those needles in the cupboard in the first place!


Your garden is so beautiful, Steph! Except for the snake... Well, it is beautiful in its own way, still... SNAKE!!... LOL! ;o) I love the undulating borders filled with pretty things going. My flower beds are a bit shabby this year, apart from the lavender which is doing great. We've lost some plants in recent years due to winter weather, and it's been hard filling gaps and keeping them filled! Your take on the Wool Leaves is lovely--great choice with the bulky yarn, which gives is a different look! Light & Up is wonderful too! Happy Days!!


You had a full weekend!! Your gardens are lovely - and my take is that if Papa Geek likes to do that sort of thing - let him do it!!
I can't believe you are already finished with the Light and Up shawl - seems like you just cast it on the other day. Fast knitter, I'd say. Enjoy your week - you deserve it after all the managing of that weeding!!


Oh that snake! Ick! The gardens look so nice. Some beautiful knitting you have. I just love the shawls. The Zauerball does turn out softer than you think it will, which is perfect.

Jennifer Miller

Wow, that's a very long snake! Yuck. You had a seriously busy weekend, but your garden looks great.


Oh, goodness, I'd be embarrassed to show any pictures of our landscaping. We haven't paid any attention to it since we moved, and the previous owners let it run wild prior to then. Your gardens look lovely!


you have the prettiest yard EVER. I love the landscaping and I love how my eye follows the curves. The green shawl is so pretty and that pattern was perfect for the colors! My knitting was minimal with the busy weekend, but now I need to catch up to you :)


Your garden is so envy inducing! I love how easily it flows together. My hubby's idea of helping out in the garden is to eat all the strawberries and tomatoes as soon as they ripen. But next year I have plans for him after seeing the wonderful job PapaGeek is doing with yours. Just won't show him that dead snake...he has a deathly fear of snakes and would probably use it as an excuse for not helping out with the gardening ;) Love all the new knitting on the needles. What a great idea to use Biggo for Wool Leaves. Hopefully it will knit up fast on the size 11's.


you are a very fast knitter! The Zauberball wrap looks absolutely amazing, tiered scarf seems to be coming on nicely, and the Biggo yarn looks really cozy. I do know what you mean about the huge needles and bulky yarn, though. I'm knitting something on 5.5 mms at the moment and after knitting on 4.5 mm followed by sock knitting even that feels quite awkward.

Also, I love the look of your garden!!


that's going to be easy....we have the boys all week and this afternoon i'm so tired i can hardly type, let alone pick up a knitting needle!  (Hoping to recover with dinner!!!!)


The garden looks fantastic. Idyllic, really.

I went through a phase ( a long time ago) where I was okay with snakes, when I worked at an Afterschool care program and they had 2 pet ones. The Albino girl one would bite me occasionally and I would switch with a co-worker to clean the boy's tank.

But now ... the phase is over, I physically got the willies in my chair seeing the picture of the snake. ha!

Your knitting as always looks fabulous. I too found the zauberball knit up nicer than I thought it would and I'm so glad since they do such fun fun colorways.

I laugh at your disdain for the large needles, but if the knitting flew off my tiny needles with the tiny yarn like yours does, perhaps I wouldn't be so shocked at your preference for the smaller needles etc.


Yes those large needles is why I haven't tackled that blanket yet! The harden is lovely... That snake... Not so much. How big was he ?


not terribly 'fat'.  but over 3 feel long!


So I'm not the only one who doesn't like big needles and bulky yarn.

I love your yard; wish mine looked a tenth that good.

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