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Erin @ Wild Whispers

What fun! I knew I recognized him!!


OMG, Mike Wolfe!!! JEALOUS!!!!!!!


me, too!!!!


I do not like to be by myself at all and when my husband goes I count the days until the return. I think it has to do with habits and rituals and having someone else in the house beside a dog :) Glad you and Freddy did okay!!


Mike would be so envious, American Pickers is one his 'shows'. I really think he thinks that one day the producers will find us and want to go through all the 'stuff' [ahem, I could use another word] he continually brings home to decorate part of my yard.
Glad you soul mate is home safe and sound.


I LOVE American Pickers! I think it's really cool that those two guys took something they loved doing and made a business out of it. Ahh... to be so brave ... :-D


oh how fun! that is so cool your hubby met american pickers! i'm glad he's back, i do know just how you feel (mine is finally home, mostly, after being gone almost all summer)

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