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rusty duck

I love this Steph.
This winter... definitely!!


The Interestings... LOVE the title! Sounds like a good, interesting, read. ;o) Your cardi in progress is so pretty--the color does look like chance of showers! Happy Day, Steph ((HUGS))


GORGEOUS! And, it looks like a dance made in heaven. ;)

The Interestings sounds intriguing. And, what's up with the Zurich assisted suicides? When I went to see Million Dollar Baby I had NO IDEA where that moving was going... I was disturbed... but, it definitely gets you to thinking.

I can't wait to hear your final "report" on this pattern. blessings ~ tanna


That's a very pretty sweater. I like the detail on the sleeves.


I have looked at the book several times and now I am going to wait to see how you like the ending before I add it to my cart.

I want your knitting! Stephanie, it is just beautiful. I love Heidi's designs and now think I need to knit one too.


hmmm, I need to check out that pattern I love the way it looks! You are such a productive knitter :)


Grey is a great color! Look at how you can accessorize. I like that pattern and bet it will look good on you.

Happy WIP Wednesday.


Love grey- it's always so earthy and pretty. Heidi's patterns are always so special- I bet this will a favorite!


That is real pretty! I will have to add that sweater to my ever growing list. I love how it drapes.

Christina - a Babys Smile Knits

so far it is looking wonderful, i am sure you will love it


I'm adding this pattern to my favorites IMMEDIATELY! I love the drape and lace in the lapels. It's really gorgeous. And, I have a fondness for grey unrivaled by any other color, so I, of course, adore your yarn selection.


Lovely sweater! Grey is one of my favorites too! Looks like a fun-to-knit pattern. And the results look super cute too. Going to add it to my queue now. LOL! Thanks! Happy knitting!


The sweater is cool -- I've had Vitamin D in my queue forever, adding this as it's more my style, looking forward to your progress.


Yay! You cast on for the Chance of showers cardigan! It is looking wonderful so far. I love how clear the pattern is to follow, also. I ran out of yarn with only two repeats of the lace pattern to go for the collar, so mine is in time out until I track down more yarn.

katie metzroth

I'm with you. What's not to like about gray!
I like both cardigan patterns you've mentioned. Thanks! (my Q is HUGE!)


I just started ALEX WOODS myself this week. Heard lots of good things about it. Have to read quickly as I was on the library waiting list and somebody's waiting behind me -- no chance to renew it.

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