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Annie @ knitsofacto

It is very pretty! What a lovely knit Steph :) It's been on my favourites list for ever too. So many great patterns ... so little time!


love the PINK ~ Traveling Woman is a "go to" knitting project!


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oh it's beautiful steph! i love the pink and i was just looking at the blue heron, it's gorgeous. i am amazed at how quickly you knit. i think i need a traveling shawl too, for traveling! (probably need some blue heron merino silk too!)


VERY pretty in pink!! LOVE it. blessings ~ tanna


oh yes, it'll be lovely in blue! it's such a beautiful shawl, steph, so delicate.


Beautiful! Now I think I will have to make another one :) It is a wonderful pattern :)


It's beautiful Steph, just beautiful. I have this pattern on my list and now can't wait to knit one myself.
Have a great Monday.

Erin @ Wild Whispers

MUST you knit so fast!? haha! It's beautiful, Steph. Really.


It's lovely in pink! I also really like the x-large version that you chose. I must get my hands on some of that gorgeous Blue Heron merino/silk lace yarn...shouldn't be too hard since the yarn company is located in the same town where I work :)

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