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What a beautiful shawl. And I think that book must make it to my pile.


Oh, what an interesting project the Volt is!
And there's nothing wrong with sticking to colours you like - you should take a look at my ravelry projects page, haha!
(P.S. I'm really sorry I haven't visited sooner, it took me ages to work out where the link to your page was on your profile).

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

gorgeous colors for a lovely shawl. :)


great shawl pattern! Can't wait to see more of the design as you progress with it. how's the painting going? and above all how is Freddy doing with the chaos?


Ooooh, that is going to be wonderful, Steph!! I will be looking forward to seeing it! Oh, my. Painting can turn your world upside down... but, it is always so nice when it is done! Hope you will share some photos! blessings ~ tanna


Oh! I can't wait to see the finished product! Ms. Farrow is a very talented lady!


wow that shawl looks like it will have a lot of stitches! and be amazing when finished.

amanda {the habit of being}

that shawl will be amazing when you finish! love the colors (and really, what's wrong with sticking with a good thing?).


Looks great! Love Barbara Kingsolver and the neutral colors...

How's the painting coming?


Wow! How much do I like that shawl pattern and the colors? Soooo much!! It'll be gorgeous.


Those colors go so well together. I love your finished scarf and Volt will be just as stunning! Might have to copy this one (including the colors!)


that is going to be so beautiful on you! i just bought some isager too, such gorgeous yarn!

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