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You made the best choice! I love the mitered squares too! The Spring blanket will be more useful come fall, so that will give you more time to finish. It will be lovely.


Less frenetic knitting??? I never thought of you as frenetic- just prolific! and a very fast knitter!! As for the mitered square blanket - I have yarn I will share, returning the blessing you gave to me go get me started on my blanket. I have been working on my mitered square blanket again. Maybe my goal should be to get it finished before you get your third one done!!! Happy 2013! Blessings, Peace and lots of Knitting!


That afghan is absolutely beautiful! Have a very happy new year. I am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely projects in 2013! You have inspired me to be more creative in 2012 and I want to continue and expand upon that in the new year!


Ha! Your knitting goals sound just like my sewing goals: finish already started projects and use the stash. I really love that blanket, by the way! I can see why you need another.


You impress the daylights out of me....150 finished items?!?! And then having knitting goals and WRITING THEM DOWN? What? I'm going back into my cave with my UFO's and sulk.


I am just chuckling, Steph!! LOL! Less-frenetic. Hmmm... I'm thinking you are going to have to work hard on that resolution. 150 finished pieces! Mercy me. And, I was quite content with something like 34. LOL! I am obviously an underachiever! Can't wait to see what all you turn out in 2013! Wishing you all the best this new year has to offer. blessings ~ tanna


Ditto what Melissa wrote! And also, just how many books did you read/listen to while knitting those 150 items!?!
I love your knitting resolutions for the new year. Good luck busting that stash!

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