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So many beautiful projects, I especially love the cross stitch. I picked up some fabric and thread last week to do the same craft, now to find out just how bad my eyesight really is these days.


Love the scarf and I'm knitting a purple one too!! The red cross stitch is beautiful. I think you are ready, maybe you are so ready it is making you doubtful.


Oh I love the red cross stitching!! I've never crossed stitched before, but is embroidery the same thing? I don't need another project before Christmas but sitting with needle & (red) thread sounds so heavenly right now!


Yah for you! Enjoy!
I love the cross stitch piece...it's beautiful. I love one color stitchery.


Can I send you my pile of UFOs? I'm on my last Christmas gift. Hopefully I will finish it this evening.


I saw those stars a week or so ago and wanted to make some, but my Christmas knitting is NOT done!!! So cute, and especially pretty with the cross stitch!


Well done getting your christmas knitting all finished. Your cross stitching is lovely.


that purple yarn is awesome. what a great color. i too, have finished all my projects that i started out to knit. i added one more thing the other day, but it is super easy and knits quick and should be done in a flash. :)


I love your cross stitch and stars. So pretty. I need to work on my pile of UFO's as well!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Good for you! I love the x-stitch. I used to do a lot of that... but now it's all sticks and string for me!


Lucky you to have finished all your presents. Me, I waited until the last minute this year. Just wasn't feeling it until a week ago. I love those little stars! And I too have been hoping this will be the year when all the half-finished projects (in my case: sewing projects) will be completed. Merry Christmas, Steph.


Yea, for you, Steph!! I'm no where near ready! I'll be dashing for the finish line in a full-on sprint! LOL! Love that red crosstitch! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours~ tanna

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