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love the way the hat fits! My daughter liked the Rowling book. I think the key is to NOT compare it to Harry Potter. I'll let you know whether it is worth the read :) Love the stitching! I might dive in my box and resurrect a stitch project. You know, to keep up with the "in" crowd!


I LOVE that hat! And I don't think you're cheating with your embroidery. :) It's lovely.

Amy {a faithful journey)

Love the hat and your embroidery looks gorgeous as well!

Sometimes we need to switch things up a bit to keep it interesting! Your needles and wool understand! ;)


I love embroidery this time of year. So I don't think you're weird :) And I really like that hat on you. So cute.


We all need breaks every once in a while. The hat is adorable. I never judge a project until it's worn. We all look a little uninspiring when we just lay there ;)


Very cute hat. Your embroidery looks lovely, I'm so envious of people that can sew! when ever I try I just end up with a pile of knots.


It's a nice idea: embroidery, patterns, flowers. I want to try it :-)Greetings from Bohemia (Czech Republic)!


Love the hat. How hard is the cast on?


i love your hat and have had that pattern queued for far too long, i need to make one too, love the simplicity of it! beautiful embroidery!


You are only cheating in the sense that you should not be tempting me to do anything other than finishing my Christmas knitting :) The embroidery is beautiful. I have been eyeing that Rikke for a while, yours look lovely.


sometimes plain is better, and i do like your hat!

embroidery is another thing for the to-do list!!

amanda {the habit of being}

i love that piece you're working on! i'm itching to get my needlepoint out but must first knit up some baby longies. and i didn't realize jane had another book come out...MUST GET!


I do the same thing. After months and months of unending knitting, I suddenly get the itch to cross-stitch. Like you, I wish that change would hit in muggy July. ;)

Erin @ Wild Whispers

What a great hat! Sometimes a little garter slouch is what we all need...


Oh, your stitching is just so pretty! I can see why you're in love :D
Love your Rikke hat too, one of my all time favourite knits!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Funnily enough I'm fancying some stitching too! Maybe embroidery is the next big thing! ;)

I knitted a Rikke not so long ago ... they only really look like anything on a head! Yours is rather spiffy :D

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