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Freddy must have been beside himself from breathing in all the yarn fumes so really he can't be held responsible for the ripping off of labels, you know when I am in a room full of yarn I get a little light headed so I understand!
I hope you enjoyed every bite of your pie, it looks wonderful.


Very industrious. Sorry about the skirt! It sounds like some of my days.


I love your house! You have great light and that Freddy is a little trouble maker!! Great photos detailing your adventures :)


LOL, I am still chuckling over the image of you chasing Freddy around while he joyfully rips off yarn labels! And that pie looks so yummy, clearly a highly productive weekend :D



oh wow, you had a busy productive weekend! i bet you finish that skirt quickly too, the sweater and blanket are beautiful! and the pie! oh my yum!,


HA! You sound like me. I'll do this, but wait, that needs to taken care of and then there is this over here...It's a wonder we get anything done ;) You have a lovely home!


LOL. All I kept thinking of was those "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" type books. One thing leads to another and another another... ;)


i love how your mind works. also, very much like mine...one little distraction and i can be chasing rabbits all day long ;-)


So funny! Love the doll sweater with the cute bow buttons. The mind works in mysterious ways and apple pie always wins the day :)

Your house is gorgeous, by the way, as is your fabric stash!


Hey Steph,

Where did you find your plant stand? I'm looking for something just like it.

Love following your blog!

Adel (from SQUAM)

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