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What sweet little acorns!! I love them. I am so ready for fall as well!! The hut & muggy's are coming back this week and it makes me want to cry!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Waiting for fall here too, the difference in the UK being that it feels autumnal already. The year is definitely turning. Hope it cools down for you soon.


I wanted fall right after spring but let's not go there. I will be pulling out my fall decorations on Sept. 1st. I always do that, and it makes me so very happy!

cute acorns you got going there :)


Imitation is the highest form of flattery." -Coco Chanel...so get ready because here it comes! I love the little acrons and my wrist needs one of those bracelets!


I apparently also "mood" decorate! My foyer is decoreated for Fall and soon will the rest of the house. I love the braclet and have thought about making some for gifts.


Where have I seen that cuff before? Hmm...so cute! As well as those acorns! I wish fall would hurry up too. I'm over summer.


This hot weather really is getting old isn't it? I do love those knitted bracelets and acorns. Have a great week!


Autumn is my absolute favorite season so I really really loved this post! Gosh but your pictures are gorgeous! Love the acorns and crochet covered rock. My family makes fun of me because I decorate the house to match the seasons and holidays, too. Although I suspect that they secretly enjoy it ;)

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