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OH My Gosh Stephanie, you have made me cry! I love you my friend, thank you!


I believe we are bffs!! Sometimes I wish I could get all my blog buddies together for a visit and you would be on the top of my list!! Thank you for your kind words. I have loved your blog from the moment I found it. Your knitting is inspirational.. I also love your happy attitude!!!


Thanks so much for your sweet words, Steph. Yes, I'm sure I'd be knitting if you lived next door! I'll enjoy checking out the blogs you wrote about. They sound lovely.
And I'm pretty sure your picture is of a Vanilla Orchid!! They had one in the green house up at Humboldt State. They only bloom for a day (like you said) and must be hand-pollinated or pollinated by one particular moth. How amazing you got to get a picture of one!


Congratulations on your award Steph, very well deserved.

Not hanging about today, I'm off to check out your nominees blogs :D


You've chosen well (said in my best Obi Wan Kenobi voice). The are great blogs. But obviously yours isn't too shabby either because we're all here ;)


Thank you so much Stephanie! I am new to the blog world, but I am finding more and more like-minded women that I am connecting with. I have enjoyed our emails and am honored that you thought of me for this award. Let me know how to get the logo on my blog and I would be happy to accept!


how fun! congratulations all! isn't that flower amazing?!


Congratulations on your blog award, Steph! I know I sure enjoy visiting here. ;) The baby birds are just too cute! blessings ~ tanna

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