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That cheeky printer trying to keep you in line! You are too funny!
Thanks for letting me know my decorating style, I never knew that's what it was called.
Have a happy yarn along day!


Then I must have spring fever too - maybe that explains my flitting. Russian punch embroidery? I will have to look that one up.


Ahhh I love all your works in progress, makes me feel more normal! hahaha. All the colors you have laid out are gorgeous and speak of spring very loudly. Lets hope it hears and get here quickly.


Oh, you have so many lovely projects on the go! My printer is being naughty at the moment also!

Minding My Own Stitches

I think you're right about the variegated - probably wide stripes perfect for a vanilla sock. You'll know soon enough.

Folded is a gorgeous pattern, sure to be more gorgeous in a cashmere blend. Bet it's delightful having your fingers in it!


Wow you really are knitting up a storm! I love the projects :) Love the folded pattern and the shawl!! Jeez you are inspiring me :)

BTW the link for rililie is leading to a dead ravelry page......

Emily T.

Oh goodness! Lots and lots of fun projects in the works. I think you need more yarn bowls. ;)


oh my goodness steph, even though i am no where near as prolific as you, i need one of those printers. hee hee.
love wabi sabi, it's my granma rose's way, and now mine too. thank you for sharing the book!


Oh, my gosh, girl! You made me tired just READING all that you are doing! LOL. Have to admit that I sometimes feel that I need to be cloned to enjoy all the patterns I want to do!! LOL! So many patterns and yarns and so little time! And, doggonit, life just gets in the way with all kinds of chores! Happy knitting! I'm looking forward to seeing all these! blessings ~ tanna


Dear Steph,

I am smiling at your version of spring fever! I have a tendency to hop around different inspirations and projects at this time of year too and I guess that spring colours appeal to me particulary as does spring imagery.

Wabi sabi seems to sum up perfectly the things with which I surround myself and my loved ones. I used to admonish myself for not reaching perfection when completing a knitted garnment, etc. Now I feel comfortable with accepting the attraction of imperfection.

Have a lovely day.


I think I have spring fever year 'round ;). I'm really trying to make myself refrain from starting any new knitting until I finish some things -- why is this so hard?!
Love 'Folded' - hadn't seen that one before, so I just must add it to my faves. Hmmmm, I'm just thinking you might be an enabler ;).
And wabi-sabi? Me too! Must get that book.


Hey Steph,

That blue is really beautiful! I'm assuming it is the Caper Aran -- is it the Atlantis or the Azure?

It's been crazy here -- the move, the house buying, the mad pets -- just totally overwhelming. But we're liking being in Memphis and it's nice to be closer to home.

As always, beautiful work -- I love your projects!



I'm loving those spring colors, especially the green.

BTW, I just tagged you in my blog post today if you'd like to play along:



You describe exactly how I feel right now. I has several projects going, but I want a few more. I also feel the urge to sew. I cannot seem to settle. Love all the colors you are using.


I've cast on for Henslowe too, wonderful pattern!

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