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Well you lucky duck in getting into squam! I am thrilled for you. I hope you find your photos in the new computer. Learning new things seems to take longer for me....


Okay, I think I am jealous about the SQUAM thing... but, since I don't know for sure what it is, I'm going to hold off on that for now. I can tell I need to know more about this!!

Two, I LOVE the front of your house... I have a long standing love affair with huge wrap-around porches!!

Three, I'm excited to hear about your 'assignments.' Sounds interesting to take 20 shots of the same building with the setting on 50. Cool!

Four, happy knitting! blessings ~ Tanna


What a beautiful home you have Stephanie!
Congratulations on getting into Squam, I've heard it's a really big deal! :)

amanda {the habit of being}

congrats on getting into squam! i'm really hoping to get there one day...maybe when this wee babe weans herself it'll be my time ;-)

and i promise, mac is super easy. what program are you using to store your photos...iphoto? i store all mine on an external hd to save space. hope you get it figured out and it's smooth sailing!


oh wow your house is so beautiful. i bet your assignments will be fun.

and wow too on getting to go to squam! it looks awfully fun, i would love to go someday. you'll have to give a full report!

Emily T.

Ah have so much fun at SQUAM! I'd love to go sometime with my Mom.

I love your photos!

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