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Stephanie, I am so envious of your afghan [it really is beautiful] and your snow! :)


You have snow and I have nothing!! Boo. Love the granny blanket the colors all just go together beautifully!!


It looks gorgeous! Colors really pop. Not sure I could do that much crocheting, you did awesome...

Erin @ Wild Whispers

I love it! All those colors! Beautiful work!


Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!! I love all the colours and the design!! You are so right, it is a most cheerful piece!! Great job, Steph! I kind of like it when the snow doesn't last too long... you get the beauty for a bit and none of the too cold times! ;) blessings ~ tanna
YES, on to the new year!


Your afghan is absolutely stunning. I love Grannies, but it took me so long to learn how to make ONE square that I gave up. Your picture makes me seriously consider trying again.

Thank you for sharing.


This is beautiful! A very nice job indeed. I finished an afghan not long ago that was made from small snowflake pieces and it took forever to piece it all together so I know how long the finishing on this must have taken! I hope you enjoy it through many long and (hopefully) snowy winters!

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