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LOVE the blanket, Steph... it's always fun to see something in progress and transforming to a finish. And pink is Christmas-y to me. ;o) I've not read "The Oldest Living... " before. I'll be curious how you like it. Happy Days knittin' & readin' while you wait for Santa! ((HUGS))


And that's ok because it's so pretty!


you just keep posting because I LOVE to hear about the blanket. I have yet to dip my toes into that project, I tend to make hats from my sock scraps..


that's beautiful blanket! I'm seeing it for the first time - and it's absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had enough left-overs to make a blanket like that! :)


I blogged about the same blanket project for a whole year in 2012 and everyone was very polite about it!
It all looks wonderful - keep going!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

That pink is totally christmassy! I love it!


I will never stop coming over here to look at your blanket! It just keeps getting prettier. I can't wait to cast on one of those over my Christmas break.

Jennifer Miller

I love your mitered square blanket and can't wait to see the finished project. You can keep showing it until it's done!!!


I think the pink still looks Christmas-y - it looks like old fashioned Christmas ribbon candy!

Katrine Brooks

It's pretty enough to see with every one of your blogs!! I read Oldest Living.... was a good book.


That blanket has got lots of interesting squares going on, so I think that's worth a post! I'm curious about that civil war book, and will be on the look out for your review, and I hold any knitter that is comfortable admitting that math is not their strong point close to my heart.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

Oh my! I seem to take forever with most of my projects, and the kind and patient yarn-alongers keep encouraging me, week by week! Looking forward to seeing your squares... :)


I love seeing your updates on this blanket! I would be more worried if you didn't show us your progress every once in a while. Wouldn't want it to get lost in the UFO pile.

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