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Love these!! Thanks for sharing!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

haha! What fun!


I love this! DO you mind if I copy?


ROFL!! This is hilariously funny, Steph... I can just see it! THIS would make a great movie... LOL! :o) ((HUGS))


That is great!!! I can't wait to share these with my knitting group. Keep knitting on that blanket!


ho ho ho, your festive mood is infectious!! Love this :)


Super cute. I'm all holiday knitting anxiety right now, even though I had not planned on knitting "many" holiday items ...

Evelyn Hender

Oh that's wonderful! Thank you for sharing, that's really made me smile :)


LOL! And since I'm feverishly working on projects and nervously looking at a calendar, this made me laugh even harder.

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