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that is a lot of wee little hats. :)


they are so cute steph, that is a LOT!


you are quite the hat crafter! I am amazed that Freddy did not sneak off with one or two to hide in the house.

Katrine Brooks

These pictures make me smile - and that Freddy is a gorgeous creature!! Beautiful eyes and coat. Happy day, k

Jennifer Miller

That is a lot of hats and they look amazing. And what will the church do with them all? We got a beautiful little hat and bootie set when C was in the NICU that some generous group had donated.

Jolande Van der Zaag

Your dog is looking great in that mountain of hats! :-)


Wow, that's a lot of hats, did you make them all yourself?

Kelly J. R.

That is quite the pile of hats. AMAZING!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

What fun hats! It will be fun to put them out all over the city, huh?


Oh my goodness that's a lot of hats!!!

Evelyn Hender

Wowzas, so many hats!


The hats are so cute, but it's that doggy face that really got to me. :)


The hats are so cute, and your dog looks like Rio, a cocker we had years ago. :)


It looks like Freddie has built himself a cozy little nest. Good luck trying to get him to move! Great job knitting all those hats!


awwww. not sure what is cuter- the hats or the pup!
I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I'd love to see you there if you would like.


I love the photo with the dog surrounded in mini hats!

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