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Looks like lots if fun this weekend! Bringing some of those Chocolate cookies for us girls this week??


Working on Annabel cardigans on size 10 1/2 needles and then working on the Daisy Cardigan on a size 4 keeps throwing me, I feel like I am holding toothpicks in my hand!
Love the look of those cookies and will be baking a batch tomorrow for my guys.
Love seeing your face and the last photo is a hoot!


Love the mitts and I could have easily sat and watched a Castle marathon (hooked!). Looks like you had a great time with your family :)


steph you are awesome, i love reading what you've been up to. i LOVE your gloves, oh my gosh they are so cute, lucky recipient! i feel the same way, small needles, fingering to lace weight mostly here, yet i am knitting on a size 10 needle right now (fingering weight yarn though) and loving it so far...
the wreath is amazing, i may have to try to make one too. and the cookie making, honestly you are the best granma. darling photo of you and the grands.
(thank you for the recipe, i think.) ;)


I think I've mentioned this before, but I really love your weekending posts. So much goodness! They make me happy.


How DO you get so much done in a weekend?! LOL! Love those mitts and the wreath. I've been dabbling with chunky, too... and I hate the big needles, but they're worth it sometimes. I used to love reading the Stephanie Plum novels! LOL! You're right... they are pretty much all the same, but good for some laughs! And, I do enjoy a laughter. ;) blessings ~ tanna

amanda {the habit of being}

i love your smile in the cookie picture! so funny. and holy moly, you must not sleep. that is a lot of baking and knitting - i need to know your secret ;-)

Annie @ knitsofacto

The mitts are lovely! I'm another knitter who thinks DK is quite chunky enough, but sometimes the thicker yarns have their uses!

Thank you for the cookie recipe Steph :)


I hear you on the marshmallow sweater look. Love that you got two sets of mitts out of one skein though. Cookie baking perfection is liking the beaters! I love the wreath. We may need one for our door too.


hello, new here, but just had to say i loved your knitted wreath! and those cookies may just get made over here.

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